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Things Hard To Assume When Booking Function Venues

May 16, 2017

It makes someone happy once they know they have researched enough on the venue they want for their event. When looking for a venue, it is good to be there yourself instead of sending someone to do it on your behalf. They may not have in mind what you want depending on the event you want to hold there. Event success comes when you make the right venue choice that meets or exceeds what your guests expected. However, it’s hard to assume some things when looking for function venues Healesville has to offer.

Event attendance

It is good to bear in mind how the guests will drive to the venue. Get to know the key tour routes that your guests can follow to arrive at the venue. For guests who would prefer coming with buses, trains, and tubes, check when last the train and buses leave the terminals. The parking situation is of the essence when hiring a venue.  It is also good to find out if the parking at the function venues Healesville has today is spacious, accessible, secure and cost effective. A beautiful venue without spacious parking lots could be annoying.


The nature of the venue matters especially if you wish to have a meeting, party or conference that would continue up to the odd hours of the night. It is important to see if the venue is suitable for an overnight stay. Visit each room to see if they meet your expected standards. If you find the rooms are standard, find out if you can afford them. If the rooms are expensive than you expected, you can find out if you can find other affordable party venues that won’t work well with the budget of your guests.

First impressions

When your guests walk into the venue you booked, they expect to get some impressions. Don’t get a venue that won’t make your guests desire to come for another event in the same place. It is good to get a venue with staff who knows their smile mean a lot to the attendees. Think of how the queue will be managed in case it’s there and consider having a registration desk in a strategic place. If you are looking for one of the best birthday party venues, it is good to think about the psychological impact that the first impressions would have to your guests.

Conference essentials

Of course, the guests you invite to an event will come with their laptops and phones. They would at one time like to charge them if battery levels go low. See if the charging stations are enough for all your guests. See if they have a business center and if they offer facilities such as printing, photocopying, scanning and PC access. If board pens, pens, flip charts, and notepads are present at the function venues Healesville has today, inform your guests not to strain to buy some in the city.

It’s the small things you do that in most instances bring the big results you didn’t expect. Although your guests may not remember all the good things that took place during a meeting, but they may be quick to spot the wrong thing that happens. For those in their engagement moods, there are options for engagement venues Yarra Valley has to offer, which would make that moment with your spouse memorable.

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Wedding Catering: Things a Couple Should Never Ignore

May 9, 2017

Every couple expects their wedding ceremony to be memorable to them as well as to those invited. The only way to make this happen is ensuring everything runs smoothly and as planned. It all begins with ensuring that the most sensitive departments such as catering have been well budgeted for. The taste, look, variety and quality of the food and drinks you prepare would have a huge impact to your guests, even though not much to you. For this reason, it would not be good to leave your relatives and friends prepare meals for the day since it’s cheap labor. Hiring professional wedding catering Melbourne has to offer would be the most appropriate idea for you. Before you hire them, it is good to check on some things:


Taste is the only thing most people would remember about the food and drinks they take during your wedding. With this in mind, you should have an idea of what your guests will feel that day. Talk to the caterers and see if they arrange food tasting for their clients a few days before the event. If they charge for the tasting, they should state how much to see if or not you would afford it. Actually, tasting is something most couples do when hiring wedding catering Melbourne has to offer.

Number of guests the caterer can accommodate

Every caterer is used to accommodating a specific number of guests in a single event. This depends on aspects such as catering tools and catering staff they have. If the number of your guests exceeds what they can handle, they should make you know to avoid regrettable challenges in the presence of your guests. The caterers you had approached could also refer you to another wedding catering Melbourne has today that would match your event.

Other events same day

Most caterers are not able to tell their clients they would be handling another event on the same day. They take as many events on the same day as possible and then send some groups to offer services in each. This becomes tricky since they may send some people to one event and face challenges beyond their capacity to handle. To avoid this, it is good to know whether the wedding caterers Melbourne has to offer would be handling other events under their professional care same day as yours. If so, get other professional caterers who would give all their attention to your wedding event until it’s over.


It is not always possible for caterers to make food exact for those who attend. In most cases, the couple increased the budget to get finger food Melbourne has to offer for everyone who attends. In the process, you may receive many late apologies when caterers have already prepared enough food for the day. In this case, more food would be left and it would not be good to just waste good food. Ask the caterers whether or not you could donate the left food to a place of your choice such a home for the destitute.

Hiring professional caterers would give your wedding event a great impression to your guests. The only thing you ought to do is to be sure the caterers are not caterers by name but by qualifications. Having considered the above factors, you would get the best caterers for your event. For more info, visit

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